3 Star Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces How To Customize Hotel Furniture

Few hotels now choose finished furniture. Because the finished furniture is too single and impersonal, it cannot meet the needs of consumers. More and more hotels choose to customize hotel furniture. The reason is obvious, customization can meet the needs of consumers. However, when consumers customize hotel furniture, 3 Star Hotel Furniture Manufacturer reminds you to consider the following situations.


1. Familiar with the types, performance, specifications, and sources of raw materials.


2. Be good at using various new materials to improve product quality and product aesthetics. However, not all materials can be used in the production of furniture.


4. In terms of strength, grip strength, splitting resistance, and elastic modulus should be considered.


5. The economics of furniture materials include material costs, material processing labor consumption, material utilization, and abundant material sources.


6. Surface decoration performance refers to the feasibility of decoration such as painting, pasting, carving, coloring, scalding, and branding.


7. In the processing of wood materials, the expansion, anisotropic fission, and porosity caused by moisture must be considered. Plastic materials should consider their ductility, thermoplastic deformation, etc. Glass materials must consider hot brittleness, hardness, etc.


8. Material quality and texture determine the special feeling of the customized appearance quality of hotel furniture.


9. The simplicity of the home not only reflects the decoration, but also the simplicity of the home decoration. It’s not a big room, so you don’t need to buy bulky things, just choose what you need in life.