3 Star Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces The Categories Of Furniture

Today's furniture has various forms, different functions, and a wide range of application environments. The materials and processes used in the design and production process are also different. The following 3 Star Hotel Furniture Manufacturer will distinguish according to functions, use environments, structural characteristics, etc. Furniture bar.


1. According to basic functions
①Support: directly support the human body, such as chairs, stools, sofas, beds, couches, and other seating and bedding.

②Reliance category: for people to rely on or desk work, and can store or display items (although it does not directly support the human body, but is related to the scale and activities of the human body), such as tables, tables, tables, tables, etc.

③Storage category: store or place various items, such as cabinets, cabinets, boxes, racks, etc.


2. According to the use environment
①Civil furniture: refers to household furniture, mainly bedroom furniture, hall furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, kitchen furniture, study furniture, bathroom furniture, children's furniture, etc.

②Office furniture: office buildings, offices, meeting rooms, computer rooms, etc., meeting tables, meeting chairs, file cabinets, OA office automation furniture, etc.

③Hotel furniture: furniture for hotels, restaurants, hotels, hotels, etc.

④School furniture: furniture for drawing rooms, libraries, reading rooms, classrooms, laboratories, specimen rooms, multimedia rooms, student apartments, canteens, and restaurants.

⑤Medical furniture: furniture for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc.

⑥Commercial furniture: furniture for shops, shopping malls, exhibition halls, and other service industries. ⑦ Theater furniture: furniture for auditoriums, auditoriums, lecture halls, cinemas, theaters, etc.

⑧ Transportation furniture: furniture for airplanes, trains, automobiles, ships, stations, docks, airports, etc.

⑨ Outdoor furniture: outdoor or semi-outdoor furniture such as courtyards, parks, and squares (Figure 1-1-6).


3. According to the structure
①Fixed furniture: furniture composed of tenon joints, glue joints, nail joints, etc. between parts.

②Dismountable furniture: furniture composed of round tenons or connecting pieces between parts.

③DIY self-assembled furniture.