3 Star Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces Why Mahogany Furniture Should Be Painted

There are many opinions about whether the mahogany furniture is painted or not. Some people think that the painted mahogany hotel room furniture may be toxic, harmful to human health, and not environmentally friendly at all; some people think that the mahogany hotel room furniture is painted after it is painted. It looks more colorful, but some people think that it is better not to paint the mahogany hotel room furniture. It is better to keep the original color and original taste of the wood. Below, 3 Star Hotel Furniture Manufacturer will introduce why the mahogany furniture should be decorated. paint?


In fact, the mahogany hotel room furniture is basically lacquered. The mahogany hotel room furniture is painted for sale mainly for aesthetic reasons. After the mahogany hotel room furniture is painted, the whole furniture looks very full and shiny, in line with the current public's aesthetic vision. In addition, the mahogany hotel room furniture has a protective effect on the furniture after being painted. In the south, because the climate is relatively humid, in order to prevent moisture, the surface of many furniture is basically wiped with a thin layer of lacquer. Not only is it luxurious style, but also the color is very soft and not perishable.