3 Star Hotel Furniture Wholesaler Introduces How To Choose The Right Furniture For Different Hotels

Living standards have improved, and people have begun to pursue the quality of life. The world is so big, traveling everywhere to increase their experience, it must be a need to rest, and the demand for hotels has increased, so all kinds of hotels have come into being. With the development of the social economy and the improvement of aesthetic level, people's design requirements for hotel furniture are also increasing, which can be simple, comfortable, or romantic in various colors.


3 Star Hotel Furniture Wholesaler introduced the meaning of hotel furniture design in two aspects: one is its practicality and comfort. In interior design, hotel furniture has a close relationship with people's various activities, and the design concept of "people-oriented" is reflected everywhere; the second is its decorativeness. Hotel furniture is the main role that reflects the indoor atmosphere and artistic effect.


Good hotel furniture not only makes people feel convenient and comfortable but also gives people aesthetic pleasure and pleasure. According to different positioning, the hotel will choose different hotel furniture according to the positioning.


Business hotels: most of the furniture products are mainly business functions, mostly modern classic styles, because they are mostly in the city center, the room area is small, and the furniture is mainly simple and modern.

Resort hotels: mainly to receive guests on vacation, and are mostly built near the seashore, hot springs, and scenic spots. Therefore, the furniture to be equipped should consider imitating wet, corrosion-resistant materials and furniture with a stronger leisure taste, such as woven furniture, outdoor iron furniture, and emphasizing natural wind.

Sightseeing hotels: mainly serve tourists, so they are mostly hotels with unique themes to attract tourists from all over the world. Such hotels have a unified logo. The furniture configuration of this type of hotel is based on the original hotel’s own design. The artistry and locality are stronger.


Theme hotel: A specific theme is used to reflect the hotel’s architectural style and decorative arts, as well as a specific cultural atmosphere, so that customers can get a personalized cultural experience; at the same time, the service items are integrated into the theme, and personalized services replace the general Customized service allows customers to obtain joy, knowledge, and excitement. History, culture, cities, nature, fairy tales, fairy tales, etc.