4 Star Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces How To Make Hotel Sheets

4 Star Hotel Furniture Manufacturer introduces how to make hotel sheets:

1.First of all, check whether there is dirt, hair, and rubbish under the mattress. It must be removed before laying the bed sheets and strictly inspected at the same time.

2.Flatten the mattress again and align the mattress to make the customer feel tidy and standard when entering the room.

3.Then start laying the sheets. Sheets must be laid directly after they are kept clean. The centerline of the bedsheet fold must be aligned with the center of the bed. Throw the sheets directly with your hands so that the sheets are close to the mattress.

4.Secondly, pull the bedsheets at the head and end of the bed, first pull the end of the bed to make the bed sheet smoother on the mattress, and then directly wrap the head and end of the bed.

5.Finally, wrap the four corners of the bedsheet at a 90-degree angle, so that the bedsheet can be better fixed and prevented from slipping off.