4 Star Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces The Benefits Of Hotel Furniture Customization

Some people have a lot of misunderstandings about hotel furniture customization. All manufacturers of custom hotel furniture attach great importance to the matching design of the project design and the indoor environment. Customized furniture products include hotel living room furniture, hotel restaurant furniture, Public area hotel furniture, conference hotel furniture, etc. The following 4 Star Hotel Furniture Manufacturer will take a look at the detailed introduction:


1. Able to consider the different personalized requirements of different consumers for hotel furniture. In the traditional marketing model, Collaborative Xinxing carries out research and development and production of hotel furniture products based on simple market research and following the current hotel furniture fashion trends. However, the hotel furniture produced in this way is not completely inconsistent with the regulations, that is, the style can not be considered personal preference. Customized marketing will subdivide the market and design hotel furniture according to my own regulations. Consumers are one of the designers of hotel furniture. Some special regulations can be clearly put forward based on personal interests, such as color matching, humanized specifications, and models.

2. Reduce the backlog of goods. Under the traditional marketing model, hotel furniture companies pursue perfect economic profits and reduce production costs based on large-scale production. Once the sales market is slightly unpredictable, this type of large-scale production of hotel furniture will inevitably cause inventory backlog of inventory backlog due to similarities, Resulting in an extravagant waste of resources. Customized marketing is based on consumer orders and basically has no inventory, which speeds up the working capital.

3. Reduce marketing costs. In the traditional marketing model, in order to seize the market, hotel furniture companies usually drive market sales based on publicity advertisements, the establishment of dealerships, etc., so the cost is relatively high. If the hotel furniture quality is reliable and the price is affordable, the hotel furniture can be successfully sold in the market. In custom marketing, the manufacturer immediately responded to the consumer by reducing the market sales stage and reducing various expenditures.

4. It is beneficial to speed up product development. Under the traditional marketing model, many interior designers of hotel furniture companies are complacent. They only carry out product research and development based on simple market research. The design of hotel furniture is very limited, and there is no way to consider everyone's requirements. In custom marketing, interior designers have many opportunities for zero-distance communication with consumers, and it is easy to understand consumer regulations so that they can develop and design products that meet consumer requirements.