4 Star Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces The Key Points Of Model House Design

4 Star Hotel Furniture  Manufacturer introduced the key points of model house design:


1. Positioning:
The design of the house type is the direct concern of buyers, and this is also the issue that developers must first consider. Then there is the design problem of the model house. Positioning refers to the consumers you are facing, whether it is an advanced consumer or an intermediate consumer. This is market positioning. This also determines whether your model house design is luxurious or economical.

2. Relevance:
No matter how beautiful the clothes are designed, if they do not match your size and body shape, they may not be able to set off your temperament. Therefore, better software design and software decoration may not be able to achieve the best results if they cannot be integrated into the overall design of the building. Model room The design of the building depends on the positioning and sales of the building. The design of the model room must be related to the positioning and selling point.


3. Objective:
Ordinary residential decoration design generally only serves a certain individual to meet the living needs of individual families. The model house is designed for a specific target customer group. The upholstery designer should analyze the common lifestyle needs of this group and express them through design language to maximize the market.

4. Demonstrative:
The primary function of model house design is to cooperate with sales and emphasize the sensory effect. Customers may not necessarily use it. The main function of ordinary houses is to live. Therefore, it is not advisable for such model room cabinets to only be seen and cannot be used. Many developers hope that model houses can be sold to customers in the future, which requires making model houses both beautiful and practical.


5. Touching:
In order to promote sales, the soft decoration design of the model house needs to be exaggerated to achieve the stage setting effect, which is very inflammatory. Create a very attractive and attractive atmosphere effect through light, shape, color, and decoration, capture the hearts of customers, and stimulate customers' desire to buy.