4 Star Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces The Selection Skills Of Hotel Card Seat Sofas

4 Star Hotel Furniture Manufacturer introduces the selection skills of hotel card seat sofa:


There are many kinds of materials for deck sofas, the more common ones are fabric, leather, board, solid wood, iron, rattan, and so on. Among them, the comfort of fabric and leather sofas is relatively good. The three-dimensional effect of the plate-style deck sofa is very strong. The texture of the solid wood deck sofa looks very high-grade, and the appearance of the iron deck sofa is very well designed. Individuality, a rattan sofa can give people a very natural and comfortable feeling. The above are the advantages of several different materials.


According to the style, the card seat sofa can be divided into Chinese style card seat sofa, American industrial style card seat sofa, Nordic style card seat sofa, and so on. If we are operating a Chinese restaurant, it would be more suitable to choose a deck sofa made of traditional solid wood material; if we are operating a grilled fish shop, we can use the more popular industrial style decoration design, then the matching is American wrought iron deck sofa; if we are operating a romantic cafe, then the Nordic style deck sofa can give you the effect you want.


With regard to the configuration of the card seat sofa, there is another aspect that will directly affect the overall effect of the restaurant, which is how to choose the color of the card seat sofa. If our restaurant’s decoration style is simple and fashionable, it would be better to use light-colored deck sofas. If our restaurant is more luxurious and solemn, such as high-end hotel club restaurants, then choose darker colors. The card-seat sofa of the series will look a little more classy.