4 Star Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces The Steps Of Bright Furniture

Now in the hotel furniture industry, although open-lacquered furniture is more and more popular with customers, the following 4 Star Hotel Furniture manufacturers will share the selection method of high-gloss hotel furniture.


The choice of bright furniture mainly depends on the paint. Good bright furniture made by paint has basically half the success. So, how do you see how the paint surface of bright furniture is done? The bright furniture looks at the paint and cannot be blinded by the light on the surface. You must look from the side angle. You can’t see any small dots from the side. The bright light is perfect. If the front looks very shiny and there are small dots on the side, then the bright light is done. Not good.


At the same time, when choosing bright furniture, you must choose a hotel furniture manufacturer with sufficient strength. Bright furniture has higher requirements for equipment because the painted surface of bright furniture is very easy to get dust or other dirty things when it is not dry. Once it is stained, the painted surface will be completely destroyed. Therefore, to make bright furniture requires a dust-free work and dry equipment, which some smaller furniture factories cannot provide.