4 Star Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces What Is Fixed Furniture

Fixed furniture is the furniture that fits the building wall except for the movable hotel furniture in the hotel. The traditional model of decorating first and then furnishing furniture can no longer meet the needs of hotels and other places.


4 Star Hotel Furniture Manufacturer introduces common fixed furniture: doors and locks, wall cabinets, wardrobes, wall panels, background walls, bed screens, etc. in the suite.


The decoration company simply does not have the conditions for on-site production, cannot guarantee the size can fit the wall, cannot achieve the dust-proof paint, and cannot be disassembled.

Handed over to the furniture factory to produce, compared with the decoration company on-site production, has great advantages and benefits.


The factory can make the appearance style of the fixed furniture consistent with the overall decoration style and can change different specifications and styles according to specific needs.


The factory sends a special person to approve the design size on site, and install it on-site after it is made. It is closely integrated with the main body of the building and is more durable than movable furniture.


Factory-made fixed furniture has much higher material requirements than general movable furniture, and has a longer service life after production and installation, and is not easy to damage.


Fixed furniture has high requirements on dimensions and high utilization of on-site space. After completion, the surface effect is unmatched by traditional on-site furniture.