5 Star Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces The Classification Of Customized Furniture

5 Star Hotel Furniture Manufacturer introduces the classification of customized furniture:

1. Activity type of furniture:
It is the furniture that is not fixed on the wall and the ground, but directly moves, that is, the furniture in our traditional family life, such as a coffee table, bedside table, and dressing table, hotel bed, wardrobe, and lounge chair, etc., as long as you can It can be moved freely in the space environment, and can be disassembled or reinstalled. It is called the movable type furniture in the hotel. This kind of furniture will also have a certain difference in the grade level.

2. Fixed type furniture
The fixed type of furniture in chain hotels is all furniture that is integrated with the main building and cannot be moved or disassembled at will, except for the movable furniture, such as the closet fixed on the wall, and various furniture inlaid on the wall. There are various sanitary wares in the bathroom, which are all classified as fixed types of furniture. When the furniture is configured in chain hotels, it must be designed and installed according to the requirements and standards of different levels of guest rooms.

3. Functional furniture
Hotel chain configuration furniture also has functional furniture, such as fixed wine cabinets and minibars, towel racks, and other types of furniture with powerful functions, curtain boxes and skirting, etc. It is a functional type of furniture, which is neither closely integrated with the building nor directly moved. This kind of furniture will exert its due advantages and functions in the actual application process, and bring better advantages to the guest room living experience.