5 Star Hotel Furniture Manufacturers Share How To Customize Furniture

Each hotel will have a wardrobe, but the form is not all the same, some are independent, some are inlaid, so this must be determined according to different styles of hotels to determine whether the height is customized to the highest; then follow 5 Star Hotel Furniture manufacturers go to see the details of hotel furniture customization:


1. The wardrobe is topped, which maximizes the storage capacity of the wardrobe, and the storage space of the room is significantly improved, making the room cleaner and tidy.

2. The wardrobe adopts the top-to-top design, coupled with an integrated sliding door, which creates the feeling of a wall, and space is more concise and harmonious.

3. The top wardrobe saves a lot of trouble in cleaning and sanitation; the top of the wardrobe that does not reach the top is easy to accumulate dust, and it needs to be wiped regularly, and it is very troublesome to move the ladder after cleaning. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone make the wardrobe top.