5 Star Hotel Furniture Supplier Introduces Design Factors Of Custom Furniture

Hotel furniture is the hardware foundation of any hotel. It can even intuitively reflect the comprehensive conditions and strength of the hotel. It can also give customers a judgment on the hotel’s perception of time. 5 Star Hotel Furniture Supplier introduces the design factors of custom furniture:


1. The appearance and aesthetics of hotel furniture
The appearance of hotel furniture will be directly displayed in front of users. It is an intuitive expression of function and structure. Differences in people’s education levels will produce cultural differences, as well as differences in regions, ages, genders, races, and religious beliefs. There are different psychological needs for furniture, which requires hotel furniture customization designers to take into account the different psychological differences of people when designing and design different types of hotel furniture for different consumer groups. The beauty of the appearance of the hotel furniture customized furniture depends on its structure, especially the external structure, but there is no corresponding relationship between the appearance form and the structure of the furniture. The appearance form has a greater degree of freedom, and the combination of space With considerable selectivity, furniture with various forms and appearances can be represented by the same product structure.


2. Material cost of hotel furniture production
In addition to the basic requirements of function, beauty, and craftsmanship, hotel furniture custom furniture design is also closely related to materials. Furniture is manufactured from various materials through a series of technical processing. Materials are the material basis of furniture. The hotel furniture customization designer should proceed from the interests of consumers, and under the premise of ensuring quality, study the correct selection of materials and the simplification of the structure, reduce unnecessary labor, and extend the service life of the product to make it easy to transport, maintain, and Recycling, etc., try to reduce the production cost of the production enterprise and the use cost of the consumer and achieve high quality and low price, so as to bring benefits to users and create benefits for the enterprise. The factory can fully understand the intent of the hotel furniture customization designer during production, meet various performance indicators and use materials that are suitable for cost as much as possible, and reasonably increase the utilization rate of materials. In the case of a large number of guest room furniture and more parts, try to use a computer to arrange materials reasonably, and use large and small materials comprehensively to reduce the cost of materials.


3. Furniture safety performance of hotel furniture customization
The safety performance of hotel furniture custom furniture is the primary factor of hotel furniture. Although general hotels do not have clear regulations on the amount of free formaldehyde, the fire protection requirements of furniture are more important in this specific place of the hotel. For example, certain parts of hotel furniture can be Use fireproof boards, anti-scalding paints, flame-retardant fabrics, etc. Some hotels even require that the wood of custom-made hotel furniture should be fireproofed and have relevant safety certifications. In addition to being fireproof and preventing radioactive substances from exceeding the standard, the hotel furniture customized furniture also requires the overall structural stability of the furniture, the appropriate height of the furniture, the treatment of the edges and corners, and the practical function of the furniture for special people. Factors such as hazardous materials such as glass and small accessories on furniture cannot be disassembled casually.