5 Star Hotel Furniture Supplier Introduces The Matters Needing Attention In The Production Of Customized Furniture

5 Star Hotel Furniture supplier introduces the matters needing attention in the production of customized furniture:


1. Appearance quality: First of all, the furniture is required to be flat, fine workmanship, delicate decoration, clear and beautiful texture. Hotel furniture custom guest room furniture usually uses particleboard, medium-density fiberboard, blockboard, laminate, and other substrates, and veneer, wood veneer, and plywood are used as cladding materials. The material properties of different substrates and cladding materials are also different. Failure to pay attention to the properties of the material and the correct use method often leads to the warpage of the board.


2. Structural strength: Hotel furniture custom guest rooms are mostly fixed furniture, the general structure is mainly plate type, wood screws, hardware connectors and adhesives are used as the joining method. When using materials, you should pay attention to different material characteristics, such as particleboard and medium-density board, which have poor nail-holding power. Do not use it in places that require frequent activities or require strong nail-holding power, such as door hinge screws, and bottom rails. The screw part is easy to loosen and produce sound. Particular attention should be paid to the hardware pendants on the wall of the bed screen and the picture frame or use of wood instead of reinforcement.


3. Material cost: When hotel furniture customization also meets the requirements of use, use low-cost materials as much as possible. While using large pieces of surface materials, pay attention to the use of the same kind of small pieces of material to comprehensively improve the utilization rate of plates. Hotel furniture custom guest room furniture is generally large in quantity, try to use computers to arrange materials reasonably, and use large and small materials comprehensively to reduce material costs. For different structures, pay attention to the comparison of material costs.


4. Efficient production: In the case of hotel furniture customization with the same material cost, the material is easy to process, and the process can save process costs and improve efficiency. Especially in the end milling, engraving, and engraving processes, the material is easy to process and cut. Easy to smooth and clean.


5. Transportation and installation: The custom floors of hotel furniture are generally higher, and the furniture is required to be light in weight and easy to transport. In particular, some conjoined bed backs and some extended desks cannot be transported by elevators. Freight elevators are generally removed when furniture is installed. How to transport them safely requires special consideration in terms of material weight and structure.


6. Safety performance: General hotel furniture customization does not have a clear regulation on the amount of free formaldehyde, but there are furniture fire protection requirements. Fireproof boards, anti-scalding paint, flame retardant fabrics, etc. can be used in certain parts of the hotel if allowed by the hotel. High-end hotels even require the wood used for furniture to be fireproofed.