Hotel Bedroom Furniture Manufacturer Introduces The Knowledge Of Installing Hotel Furniture

The installation of hotel furniture is mostly the installation of panel furniture, that is, the structure of pure wood. There are many small details that need attention in the custom decoration of hotel furniture. A little carelessness may destroy the comfort and beauty of the room. As hotel furniture customization, Hotel Bedroom Furniture manufacturer will introduce the knowledge of installing hotel furniture:

In order to prevent damage to the room, when installing the hotel furniture, remember to protect the other positions in the room, design the installation position of the hardware (handles, handles) in the hotel furniture, do not only consider the aesthetics, more importantly, the height Whether it is reasonable or not, such as the handles of heightened cabinets and wall cabinets should be installed below the door, and the handles of bedside cabinets and writing desk cabinets should be installed above the door to meet the needs of different hotel furniture installations; the installation of hotel suite furniture Punching and cutting are often accompanied by the appearance of sawdust and dust. It is particularly important to do the overall work. When cleaning, pay attention to the corners, table corners, cabinet tops, and other places where dust is easy to accumulate.