Cheap Hotel Furniture Factory Introduces The Design Concept Of The Hallway

Cheap Hotel Furniture Factory introduces the design concept of the hallway

First of all, the feng shui issues that should be paid attention to in the entrance: the most auspicious entry: red at the door, green at the door, pointing at the door, the most taboo for entry: the stove at the door, the mirror at the door, and the toilet. Gather gas on the porch to make a fortune. You can place it next to the door. Aquatic green plants, evergreen plants such as iron trees, fortune trees, plants that do not put thorns

Secondly, from the perspective of beautiful design, the four important principles of the entrance

1. The moderate entrance should not be too high or too low. Generally speaking, about 2 meters is the most suitable.

2. The design of the transparent entrance should be based on transparency

3. The tidy entrance hall turned into a depressing main room in a mess.

4. The bright hallway should not be dark.