Cheap Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces To Avoid Misunderstandings In Custom Furniture

Cheap Hotel Furniture Manufacturer introduces to avoid misunderstandings in custom furniture:

1. Fake and shoddy raw materials
In the total customer value of hotel furniture manufacturers, each link is interdependent. The cost management method of the next link must be established in the basic cost management method of the previous link. The cost of the previous link is not minimized. It means that the cost of the next link will also be minimized, not to mention that the cost of all customer value will also be minimized.

Some hotel furniture manufacturers one-sidedly pursue perfection and minimize the cost in the purchase process, and the raw materials purchased are of high quality and low price.

If only the purchase link is concerned, the optimal cost control is indeed guaranteed. However, due to the weaker quality raw materials, the cost of the manufacturing link increases, the cost of the market sales unit increases, and customer satisfaction decrease. This problem is summarized, You will find that the cost of total customer value is expanding.

2. Simply care about production costs

Most technicians understand the cost as production cost logically and limit the cost reduction to the whole process of manufacturing themed activities.

In fact, in the traditional manufacturing industry, the production cost is only a part of the total cost, accounting for about 50-70%, and a very large part of the cost is caused by technical product development, sales and marketing, customer service projects, and other industries, and they are in the cost Very rarely becomes important in profiling.

Therefore, in addition to attaching great importance to reducing production costs, it is necessary to find ways to reduce costs from the perspective of overall supply chain management. Otherwise, excessively limited production costs will not only highlight the lack of actual effect but sometimes it will be too much.