Cheap Hotel Furniture Suppliers Introduces The Material Requirements Of Customized Hotel Furniture

Cheap Hotel Furniture Suppliers introduces the material requirements of customized hotel furniture:


1. The choice of wood chipboard

Particleboard is also called particleboard. Most of its materials are taken from artificial or natural forest tree trunks and branches for processing and use. The long wood fiber in the middle and the fine wood fiber on both sides are pressed into a board by the method of high temperature and high pressure. The size of particleboard is 18mm and 25mm, because of its advantages such as low expansion rate and strong stability, it is often chosen when customizing five-star hotel furniture. However, there are often large differences in the quality of particleboards on the market, and it is not easy to distinguish between true and false. Some particleboards have very rough edges, causing moisture to enter, loosening in the board, and the quality of particleboards are greatly reduced. Be very careful when choosing.


2. The choice of fiberboard

Fiberboard is often used when customizing five-star hotel furniture. Compared with particleboard, fiberboard has a flat surface, good stability, and load-bearing ability, and its internal structure is compact, not easy to lose, and has a strong ability to maintain the original shape, whether in strength or In terms of hardness, it is more suitable than particleboard. Fiberboard is made by pressing powdered wood fiber at high temperature, it is not easy to deform, easy to disassemble and transport, and melamine are commonly used in the market to process fiberboard, so fiberboard has the advantages of moisture resistance, wear resistance, and high-temperature resistance, but due to processing The cost of fine investment is high, and the price of fiberboard is relatively high.


3. The choice of blockboard

Another material is blockboard, which we can also call a big core board. This material is mainly made of natural peeling veneer and solid wood jigsaw through gluing, hot pressing, and other procedures. The production methods of blockboard can be divided into two types: machine assembly and manual assembly. The manual assembly method is mainly to use manpower to inlay wooden slats in the plywood of wooden slats, but this method is made. Blockboard has poor squeeze ability and is not suitable as a material for cutting processing. However, the board assembled by the machine does not have such shortcomings, on the contrary, it has a strong weighing capacity and is not easily deformed.