Cheap Hotel Furniture Wholesaler Introduces The Ordering Process Of Fixed Furniture From Construction To Measurement

Cheap Hotel Furniture Wholesaler introduced the process of order placement of fixed furniture from construction to measurement as follows:

①On-site measurement: Equipped with professional measurement designers and professional measurement equipment to conduct on-site evaluation and measurement of the finished furniture decorative panel project of fixed furniture, and get the preliminary production size.

②Design planning: According to the actual measurement results of the finished fixed furniture veneer project and customer requirements, proceed to verify the material selection, color application, and overall craft decoration of the finished fixed furniture veneer. The designer and the constructor's hand over and draw the corresponding Production drawings of finished fixed furniture finished panels.

③Plan verification: Submit the production drawing of finished fixed furniture decorative panels drawn by the constructor to the customer for signature and confirmation.

④ Put into production: Put the finished furniture veneer production drawings signed by the customer into production, and produce the finished products after many processes.

⑤Finished product installation: The factory has perfect service, and is equipped with special personnel to follow up the installation so that the idea and the reality are unified so that the finished furniture decorative panel project of the fixed furniture can be transported to perfection.

⑥ Inspection and delivery: After the finished fixed furniture veneers are installed, a dedicated person will be assigned to inspect the overall installation and use of the finished fixed furniture veneers, and if improper places are found, the finished fixed furniture veneers shall be processed in time to ensure furniture production The finished decorative panels of fixed furniture will be delivered to customers only after the overall perfection is in place.