Custom Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces Tips For Maintaining Furniture

The higher the star hotel, the more luxurious its furniture. Pay more attention to the maintenance of star hotel furniture. Because good furniture can not only bring intuitive feelings to customers but also convey a kind of hotel service and improve satisfaction.

Therefore, the daily maintenance and maintenance of star hotel furniture are essential, but there are many misunderstandings in the maintenance of hotel furniture. The following Custom Hotel Furniture manufacturer will introduce the tips for maintaining the furniture.

1. Avoid using coarse cloth and old clothes to wipe hotel furniture. The thread and some buttons on the cloth will scratch the surface of the furniture. Use high-quality absorbent towels, cotton cloth, flannel, etc. to clean hotel furniture.

2. Avoid using a dry cloth to wipe hotel furniture, because the dust on hotel furniture is usually fine sand, soil, fiber, etc. If you wipe the dust with a dry cloth, it will increase friction and damage the surface of the furniture, resulting in changes to the surface of the furniture. Become rough.

3. Many people use soapy water and detergents to clean hotel furniture, but they are corrosive and will corrode the surface of the furniture, making the furniture dull and rough.

4. Furniture care wax can be sprayed on the surface of the wooden furniture, not on the sofa, otherwise, it will accelerate the aging of the sofa leather. Other wax products cannot be directly applied to the hotel furniture, which may cause mildew.