Custom Hotel Furniture Wholesaler Introduces The Moisture-Proof Method Of Different Furniture

Custom Hotel Furniture Wholesaler introduces the moisture-proof maintenance methods of different furniture materials:


1. If the hotel furniture is solid wood furniture, the damp condition may not be too serious, but it cannot be ignored. You can put in the bamboo charcoal moisture-proof bag desiccant and so on. You can also wax and wax the furniture regularly, especially when the weather is hot in summer, it is better to leave it in the sun for a long time, otherwise, it will crack or deform. But if the furniture is damp, you should open the windows for ventilation, keep the air dry, use a clean soft cloth to remove water droplets on the surface of the furniture, and use detergent to remove mildew.


2. Hotel leather furniture such as sofas, if left in humid air for a long time, the aging speed of leather will accelerate. You should use absorbent towels to absorb moisture on the surface of the sofa in time and use a fan to speed up the airflow around the sofa. After absorbing the moisture on the surface of the sofa, apply a special leather surface, lanolin, etc. in time to soften the leather and extend the use time.


3. Hotel fabric furniture, its style is fashionable and casual, more popular. But for fabric furniture, you should pay attention to dust prevention and dust removal, because if there is more dust in humid weather, it is more likely to mold. So use a vacuum cleaner dedicated to fabric sofas to keep the surface clean, and then use a clean and absorbent sofa to remove mold and excess water stains on the surface.