Hilton Hotel Furniture For Sale Factory Introduced The Precautions For Hotel Furniture Placement

Hilton Hotel Furniture For Sale factory introduced the precautions for hotel furniture placement:

1.Stove placement brings a wealth
Among the five elements, the east belongs to wood, and the south belongs to fire. Therefore, the stove should be facing the south, so that it fits the five elements better, and you have to sit down to auspiciousness to have good feng shui. The stove should not be irradiated by a faucet, otherwise, it is very easy to get some diseases.


2.It is not safe to rest on the head of the bed
The bed is used for sleeping, and the bed should not be left empty, so as not to lose the sense of security, and to sleep more comfortably. The so-called leave blank means that there is no backing of the mountain. When we are asleep and dreaming, our bodies can't help but move, and our heads may go out of bed and be injured. This is the right way of Feng Shui.


3.The window sill is more of a crisis as a bed
The orientation of the child's bed is best placed close to the corner of the wall. Children's beds should not be too close to the window sill. Because they are too curious, they may be attracted by the office outside the window and look out or even climb out of the window frame. It is very simple to have accidents and accidents. At the same time, the windows in the house should not be too many and too low, and indoor air circulation should be maintained. In addition, when lights are shining or thunder and lightning are encountered, they will suffer from a lack of sleep due to horror.