Hilton Hotel Furniture For Sale Manufacturer Introduces The Production Standards Of Hotel Wooden Furniture

Hilton Hotel Furniture For Sale manufacturer introduces the production standards of hotel wooden furniture.


1. The problem of edge sealing of wood-based panels.
Wooden office furniture is mainly made of man-made panels. Wooden office furniture has paint furniture and offsets furniture. Painted office furniture is mainly pasted with solid wood veneer, which is a whole skin pasted, and generally does not need edge banding. The main use of the cover is the offset office furniture. The waterproof effect is achieved by pasting the waterproof paper skin and using the offset edge sealing.


2. The strength of the drawer track
The strength of the drawer track is the easiest to ignore, and the drawer is mainly used for paint office furniture. Because the denser density board is used, the weight of the drawer is relatively large. If the strength of the track is not enough, the drawer will be damaged and fall down. The inspection method is: pull the limited drawer or keyboard tray to the maximum position, pull the drawer or keyboard tray without limit to the 2/3 position of the full length, and apply the force on the top of the drawer panel or the top center of the keyboard tray. It is 350N, press 10 times, the drawer slides must not be deformed or fall off.


3. Why does the drawer rail have problems:
① Some illegal slide manufacturers are pursuing economic benefits unilaterally, reducing the thickness of slide materials, resulting in soft slides;
②When installing furniture, some workers pursue installation speed, which reduces the number of screws on the slide;
③The drawer slide is too long, etc. In this regard, furniture manufacturers should strengthen the quality control of the procurement of the slide, strengthen the job training for the installation workers, and further improve the process design of the products to solve such problems again.