Hilton Hotel Furniture For Sale Suppliers Introduces The Difference Between Hotel Fixed Furniture And Movable Furniture

Hilton Hotel Furniture For Sale Suppliers introduces the difference between hotel fixed furniture and movable furniture.


First of all, to understand this problem, we must know the concept of movable furniture and fixed furniture. Hotel furniture and home furniture have different emphases. It is important to design according to the needs of hotel room furniture and the indoor functional environment. Since the movable furniture in the hotel furniture is movable, it means that the furniture will not be fixed to the wall, but can be moved. It can be moved wherever it is needed, regardless of location. What does mobile furniture mean? As the name suggests, it is movable, not fixed to the wall, it is our common daily furniture, including beds, wardrobes, tables, and chairs. The hotel's fixed furniture refers to the furniture in the hotel, except for the movable furniture, all wooden furniture that closely fits the main body of the building. For example, doors, door covers, and fixed wall cabinets are all counted as fixed furniture categories.


Common movable furniture, such as coffee tables, sofas, dining chairs, dining tables, beds, and bedside tables, are commonly seen in normal times. Therefore, movable furniture refers to movable hotel furniture that is not fixed on the wall or floor in the hotel. Generally consists of the following furniture: hotel suite bed, dressing table, bedside table, luggage cabinet, TV cabinet, wardrobe, lounge chair, coffee table, etc.


Hotel furniture_Fixed hotel furniture is fixed on the wall. The furniture and the wall are integrated into one, once installed, they cannot be moved. If it is forced to move, the furniture will be damaged, which is restricted by the location. Fixed furniture categories include wooden ceiling molding panels, doors, and door covers, bedside screen finishes, body panels, curtain boxes, skirting lines, fixed closets, wine cabinets, minibars, washbasin cabinets, Towel rack, curtain line, tuyere, ceiling line, lamp trough, etc.