Hotel Bedroom Furniture Factory Introduces The Maintenance Knowledge Of Hotel Furniture

Hotel Bedroom Furniture  Factory tells you about the maintenance of hotel furniture!


(1) When moving the furniture, handle it gently, and place it smoothly. If it is not flat, padded the legs to avoid damage to the mortise structure of the furniture in future use.


(2) Hotel furniture should not be exposed to the sun for a long time, nor can it be stored in an overly dry environment, so as not to cause deformation and cracking of the wood.


(3) Hotel furniture can not be placed in a very humid place for a long time, because the humid environment is easy to cause the wood to shrink when wet, and it will cause the wood to rot and rust the drawer track after a long time.


(4) Do not place heavy luggage on the large closet, so as not to cause the closet door to protrude and the door is not closed tightly. Do not pile up too much clothing to avoid deformation of the cabinet door.


(5) Do not rinse with water or wipe hotel furniture made of plywood with a rag, let alone soak it in alkaline water to avoid splinting or degumming.


(6) Do not place hot things such as high-concentration alcohol or just boiling water on the desktop to avoid damage to the paint.


(7) A small amount of pepper can be placed in the hotel furniture to prevent mice from entering. It can also prevent camphor and tobacco leaves and can prevent the invasion of borers and cockroaches.