Hotel Bedroom Furniture Factory Introduces The Process Of Customizing Hotel Furniture

Does Hotel Bedroom Furniture Factory introduce what are the main points that need to be paid attention to in custom hotel furniture?

1.Materials: specify the variety and effectively supervise the production process;

2.Structure: clarify the structure method and effectively supervise the production process;

3.Functional size and shape: The purchase quantity is large, and it is best to make a sample when time permits. After the sample is satisfied, the product will be received strictly according to the sample. Generally, there will be no problem. If the purchase amount is too small or time does not allow, the manufacturer is required to produce construction drawings, and the appearance size, detailed size, functional size, and production process are clearly marked. Find a professional person to review it, generally not Something went wrong.

4.Surface technology: There are mainly two aspects, one is paint-the paint swatch is generally not problematic when placing an order; the other is soft package-the effect of the first product is controlled, and the subsequent products are not easy Something went wrong.

5.Process supervision: white billet (before painting, before soft packaging)-paint (referring to products with soft packaging, before soft packaging)-before packaging.