Hotel Bedroom Furniture Manufacturer Introduces The Precautions For Custom Furniture

Hotel Bedroom Furniture Manufacturer introduces the precautions for custom furniture:


1. Hotel furniture design positioning:

Positioning involves many aspects. Here we will focus on the hotel furniture grade and service life that are closely related to the rate of return on investment. Suitable grades can not only attract target guests but also meet the expected income; suitable service life can avoid under-investment or over-investment.


2. Material and technology of hotel furniture manufacturers:

Determine the material and production process of customized hotel furniture according to the level of positioning and service life. By the way, the grade largely depends on the design plan and the production process. Both are good furniture, even ordinary materials can produce good results, and the two have the same bad furniture, even the use of precious materials may not Good results.


3. Duration

The construction period is also one of the costs. Generally, the production time of non-European medium-sized hotel furniture is about 40 days, and the construction period of European medium-sized hotel furniture is about 50 days. The latest installation of hotel fixed furniture should be two weeks before the trial operation, and the latest installation of the movable furniture should be one week before the trial operation. Set aside at least one week for possible finishing work and cleaning.


4. Price
Price is one of the most important aspects of all hotel investors, and the standard must be clarified before discussing the price. As long as the standards are clear and honest manufacturers are selected for comparison, the job is easy.