Hotel Bedroom Furniture Manufacturer Introduces Tips For Choosing Hotel Tables And Chairs

Choosing different grades of hotel furniture can show the taste of different hotels. When choosing hotel furniture, it is also very important to consider the combination of furniture and the overall style of the hotel. Today, Hotel Bedroom Furniture Manufacturer takes the selection of hotel tables and chairs as an example. Tell me about selection techniques.


1. The appearance design of tables and chairs is rarely complicated. Even the European-style tables and chairs are mainly simple European retro, and the word "simple" cannot be skipped in the design. This is to adapt to the modern living environment. The simple design style can not only meet the preferences of most consumers but also meet the needs of the hotel for tables and chairs, killing two birds with one stone.


2. The quality of tables and chairs is the main factor affecting their service life and even functions. The quality of tables and chairs includes processing quality and material quality. Processing quality refers to whether the design of the table and chair conforms to the mechanical principle and ergonomic design; the material refers to whether the materials used in each part are superior, such as the strength and toughness of the frame material, the elasticity and resilience of the filling sponge, the wear resistance and affinity of the fabric Skin properties and so on.


3. Pay attention to the moisture content of tables and chairs. The tables and chairs retain various natural features of the wood. The moisture content is not up to the standard, and it is easy to deform and crack.


4. Sexual problems of paint. When it comes to the gender of tables and chairs, the first thing that comes to mind is formaldehyde. In fact, formaldehyde is not only a pollutant in furniture but also other volatile substances such as benzene. Formaldehyde in wood-based panels is mainly emitted from glue, while benzene is brought out from paint when necessary. Therefore, when you pay attention to the performance of sheet metal, don't forget the performance of the paint.