Hotel Bedroom Furniture Manufacturers Introduce The Tips Of Custom Furniture

Furniture customization has become a new development trend, and more and more people will choose to directly contact professionals when decorating, and directly complete a complete set of decoration procedures. Therefore, its prevalence has also led to the rapid development of a group of hotel furniture customization manufacturers that are also ready to go. Below, the Hotel Bedroom Furniture manufacturer introduces the precautions for custom furniture.


1.Pay attention to its structural strength. Furniture is generally fixed furniture, and the connection methods are generally wood screws, hardware connectors, and adhesives. Pay special attention to the different characteristics of the materials.


2.Pay attention to the appearance quality. Different substrates and coating materials have different properties. If you do not pay attention to the characteristics of the material or use it improperly, the printing plate tends to warp. Furniture customization generally uses particleboard, medium-density fiberboard, blockboard, and laminate as substrates, and veneers, veneers, and plywood as covering materials. Ensure that the furniture table is level, beautifully decorated, fine workmanship, and clear texture.


3.Pay attention to your own safety performance. Although manufacturers of custom hotel furniture generally do not specify the amount of free formaldehyde, the fire safety requirements of furniture can be used in certain areas under the permission of hotel fire panels, flame retardant fabrics, and flame retardant paint. The hotel needs high-grade wood for furniture fire.