Hotel Bedroom Furniture Manufacturers Introduces The Material Selection Requirements For Outdoor Furniture

Compared with hotel indoor furniture, outdoor hotel furniture has special requirements on the selection of materials. Outdoor furniture cannot avoid wind and sun. Therefore, hotel outdoor furniture is required to have better weather resistance and strength. Below, Hotel Bedroom Furniture Manufacturers introduces what are the particulars of hotel outdoor furniture selection?


1. Weather resistance: outdoor furniture needs to directly face many unfavorable natural factors such as high temperature, freezing, exposure, or need to withstand the attack and corrosion of water, wine, grease, acid, alkali, and other substances, so the weather resistance of the material must be considered.


2. High strength: Hotel outdoor furniture needs to meet the needs of high frequency and simultaneous use by multiple people, and materials with sufficient strength should be selected. Among the materials commonly used in outdoor furniture, metal materials that have undergone waterproof and anti-corrosion treatment are the most durable. Wooden or rattan outdoor furniture is not suitable for long-term outdoor storage.