Hotel Bedroom Furniture Suppliers Introduces The Knowledge Of Removing Paint Odor

Hotel Bedroom Furniture Suppliers introduces ways to remove paint smell:


  1. Put a few bags of activated carbon in the room. Activated carbon can effectively adsorb harmful gases and reduce pollution.
  2. Put a few pots of cold water in the room and add vinegar to the water. This can also effectively absorb odors.
  3. Use special cleaning agents. Deodorant can effectively remove a peculiar smell and has a rapid effect, but it requires a certain cost.
  4. Cultivate some plants that can effectively absorb odors indoors, such as jasmine, lilac, etc. In addition to being able to absorb peculiar smells, these plants also emit fragrance, making you feel relaxed and happy.
  5. After buying the hotel furniture, it should be washed with tea frequently. This not only keeps the furniture clean but also removes the taste of paint.