Hotel Furniture Factory Introduces How To Restore Damp Furniture

Hotel Furniture Factory introduces how to restore damp furniture of different materials:


1. Tips for repairing wooden hotel furniture:

Do not expose it to the sun. The general wooden hotel furniture will heat up and shrink when exposed to the sun. Some places will be cracked, deformed, and the surface will be more dilapidated, making the structure of the hotel furniture destroyed. , The support is not as good as before.

The hotel furniture should be dried naturally after damp. Otherwise, you can turn on the dehumidifier to completely evaporate the moisture from the hotel furniture. At least it will return to a dry state before it will last for a long time and the interior will become moldy.

After the hotel furniture is air-dried, if the surface is damaged or scratched, you can make up some paint of the same color, or you can apply a bright paint, and you can have an extra layer of protection.


2. Other material hotel furniture repair tips:

Metal star hotel furniture is most afraid of rust. It must be wiped clean after being damp. Every joint, tendon, etc., cannot be ignored, and wiped with rust inhibitor to extend the service life.

Ask professional hotel furniture repairers. Some furniture manufacturers that do good service repairs will have lower service prices for consumers who originally purchased. If you want to repair your furniture carefully, relying on professionalism is one of the ways.