Hotel Furniture Factory Introduces The Design Standards Of The Lobby

The hotel lobby is the emotional aspect of all hotel restaurants. It is the key task of designing interior decoration. The interior space atmosphere of the lobby determines the overall actual effect of the hotel restaurant. Hotel Furniture Factory tells everyone about the movement problems of hotel lobby design:

1.The top line design of the lobby is to make objects convenient, customers and fitness exercises are not cross-cutting and harmless. According to the specific method of technical and professional design, considering the artistic beauty of the interior space, the moving line design pays attention to the entrance position and overall width specifications. Consider fire safety and its staff during emergency evacuation work.

2.The hotel lobby movement design is divided into three sections: main channel, secondary channel, freight logistics channel.

3.The circular movement of the lounge, decoration design placement area, and reception area, of course, prevents crooked roads and establishes the overall goal of customers walking.

4.All the moving lines must be interoperable with elevator cars and indoor stairs so that the horizontal moving lines and vertical moving lines are close to each other. Of course, China Unicom of each building, in the design of the hotel restaurant, vacates a moderate total area, Facilitate the turnover of retained funds by consumers.