Hotel Furniture Factory Introduces The Details Of Choosing Hotel Furniture

Hotel Furniture Factory introduces the details of selecting hotel furniture:


1. Consider whether it is environmentally friendly
From the perspective of environmental protection, the most important thing about furniture is to be environmentally friendly. It should be understood from the furniture certificate. The E1 and E0 plates in the certificate indicate that the furniture is environmentally friendly. You can also smell whether the furniture has pungent odors, so you can see Whether the furniture is environmentally friendly.


2. Whether the workmanship details are fine
High-quality furniture depends on the details of the workmanship, such as hardware fittings, whether the edge-sealing part is tight, etc.


3. Does the quality of the boarding pass?
The board is preferably Fraxinus mandshurica, with beautiful texture, strong and durable. If it is a plastic veneer, you should check from the side whether there are seams around the board. If it is a thin wood veneer, check whether the seams of the wooden strips are tight and the texture of the wooden strips is smooth.


4. Is the structure firm?
Gently push the furniture with your hand. If it shakes or makes a creaking sound, the structure is not strong. Looking at the gaps in the moving parts is mainly from the appropriateness of the gaps in the door gaps, drawers, and other details, and we can see the fineness of the furniture.


5. The color of the furniture
When choosing furniture, you can't look at the color of the furniture alone, but according to whether the color of the furniture is in harmony with the color of the interior wall, floor, etc. Coordinated color furniture is more beautiful and warm to match, and the ones with larger differences feel weird.