Hotel Furniture Factory Introduces The Knowledge Of Furniture Environmental Protection

Hotel Furniture Factory introduces how to judge whether hotel furniture is environmentally friendly:


  1. Reasonable material: The material of hotel furniture is reasonable because different hotel furniture has different surface materials. Generally speaking, the legs of tables, chairs, and cabinets are made of hard materials to bear their weight. But note that for the bathroom cabinets, fiberboard materials cannot be selected, because they will expand when exposed to water and will be easily damaged. The correct material should be a three-layer board material, and the surface is a waterproof material.
  2. Sturdy structure: The structure of chairs, stools, and hangers must be sturdy, otherwise it will affect the application experience. The legs of the square table, bar, and chair must be fixed with a triangular structure.
  3. Veneer furniture: Pay attention to whether the leather is smoothly pasted with wood veneer, PVC, and pre-painted paper, and there should be no bulging, blistering, and loose seams. The particleboard veneer furniture should pay attention to that the touched part needs to be sealed. If the edge is not sealed, it will absorb moisture and cause swelling and even damage.
  4. External details accessories: For example, for mirror furniture, check whether the mirror is deformed or discolored and whether there is lining paper and backing at the mercury on the back of the mirror. Check whether the paint is smooth and flat, preferably without wrinkles or lumps.
  5. High-quality materials: For high-quality materials, the most important point is wearing resistance. The board adopts E1 grade environmental protection board to ensure its wear resistance. Other performance requirements are fire resistance, high-temperature resistance, waterproof and moisture-proof.