Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces How To Correctly Remove The Paint Smell Of Furniture

After the new hotel furniture is manufactured, many hotel furniture will have a pungent paint smell. If you arrive at the hotel, you must remove the smell before it is officially opened for check-in. Below, Hotel Furniture Manufacturer introduces how to remove the paint smell correctly:


1. Cool water + appropriate amount of vinegar, put it in the room, and keep it well ventilated, the appropriate amount of evaporating water while absorbing and removing residual odors;

2. Place pineapples and place the number of pineapples according to the size of the room. Pineapple is a crude fi
ber fruit, which not only absorbs the smell of paint, but also emits the refreshing scent of pineapple, speeds up the removal of peculiar smell, and the effect is very good;

3. The cotton ball is soaked in citric acid and hung in the wood furniture. This method is very effective in removing odor;

4. Put two basins of saltwater indoors;

5. Wipe the hotel furniture several times with tea.