Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces The Cause Of Foaming In Furniture Paint

The furniture will be sprayed with paint during production. When spraying paint, it is divided into three steps, namely, spray primer, color paint, and top paint. Among them, the primer must be sprayed five times and the top paint must be sprayed three times. The bottom three sides" approach. But in the process of painting furniture, it is easy to have furniture paint foaming. Below, Hotel Furniture Manufacturer will introduce the reasons for furniture paint foaming:

1.The material does not meet the requirements. For example, the moisture content of the material is too high, the aromatic oil and fat oil contained in the untreated wood itself, these substances will cause foaming when they volatilize naturally.


2.When the paint is not dry, proceed to the next step. When the previous layer of paint is not completely dry, start the next paint job. When the previous layer of paint starts to volatilize, it will cause blistering.


3.There are holes in the joints of the material that are not filled, and air enters to cause blisters.