Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces The Different Color Features Of Hotel Furniture

Nowadays, many people have different concepts on the choice of colors, but they are not very clear about the different colors. I don’t know if you can customize suitable hotel furniture. Today, follow the Hotel Furniture Manufacturer to take a look at the market. Customized hotel furniture in different colors commonly seen on the Internet.


1. Blue: It is a color that makes people think about it. On the other hand, it is also a very serious color. This strong color can hide the shortcomings of other colors to a certain extent and is a convenient match The color and blue environment also make people feel elegant and peaceful.

2. Pink: It is a good interpretation of gentleness. This red and white mixed color is very clear and bright. Pink means "like water and tenderness".

3. Green: It is a kind of color that makes people feel stable and comfortable. Green also represents positive and youthful vitality. Natural green has a certain effect on fainting, fatigue, nausea and clear emotions.

4. Orange: It is a color that can generate vitality and induce appetite. It is also a representative color in the warm color system. It is also a color that represents health. It contains the meaning of maturity and happiness.

5.Yellow: It is the first color that people see when they are born. It is a color that symbolizes health. The reason why it appears healthy and bright is also because it is the most easily absorbed color in the spectrum.

6. Red: It is a more irritating color, it gives people a feeling of burning and provocative. But it is not suitable to connect too much, otherwise it will easily cause anxiety and emotional stress, and fatigue. General furniture choice Dark red is better, and a moderate amount of red can induce appetite.