Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces The Material Classification Of Hotel Furniture

Today's hotel decorations are designed to be very unique. Different materials are used to decorate according to different needs. This makes each hotel have a unique scenery. Then Hotel Furniture Manufacturer will introduce the common material classification of hotel furniture.


1. Wooden furniture: furniture made of wood or wood-based artificial board materials (such as solid wood furniture, panel furniture, bentwood furniture, molded furniture, root carving furniture, etc.).


2. Metal furniture: furniture mainly made of metal pipes (steel, aluminum alloy, plastic steel, stainless steel, and other round pipes or square pipes) wire, plate, profile, etc., such as steel furniture, steel wood furniture, aluminum alloy furniture, plastic steel furniture, Cast iron furniture, etc. 


3. Soft furniture: furniture made of soft materials such as sponge, fabric, spring, leather, etc., such as sofas and mattresses.


4. Bamboo and rattan furniture: mainly furniture made of natural bamboo or rattan, such as bamboo furniture and rattan furniture.


5. Plastic furniture: furniture made of plastics for the whole or main parts.


6. Glass furniture: furniture mainly constructed with glass.


7. Stone furniture: furniture mainly constructed with natural stone such as marble and granite or artificial stone.


8. Furniture of other materials: new types of furniture such as paper furniture and ceramic furniture.