Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces The Production Process Of Hotel Furniture

Hotel Furniture Manufacturer introduces the production process of hotel furniture:

1. Check specifications: According to the real space, the external dimensions must be checked clearly. This is the most error-prone stage of the whole house customization. If the construction is not over, you can only check it according to the CAD drawing; if it is in the construction process or the hard decoration has been finished, you must go to the site to check the specific dimensions.

2. State the details: There are many hidden details in hotel furniture design, such as how thick and deep the texture of the cutouts should be, which kind of wood is used, closed paint or open paint, etc. Many details must be described in detail during the auction so that the post-order documentary will have the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort.

3. Reproduction check: Under normal circumstances, the furniture manufacturer in the soft decoration design plan must carry out the design, reproduce the design, and make the reproduction draft. The soft decoration designer must carry out a rigorous check, including specifications, materials, color tone, and appearance, etc. It is best to do a check for the customer.

4. Purchase and documentary: After submitting the goods, there must be a professional staff to conduct verification and documentary at intervals of a few days to avoid unnecessary losses.
5. Receipt inspection: Receipt must require the manufacturer to carry out very safe and proper packaging of the product, and carefully check the details again when receiving the goods.