Hotel Guest Room Furniture Supplier Introduces How To Decorate Hotel Lobby Correctly

The hotel lobby will not only give people the first impression when guests enter the hotel, but it is also the last space that guests see before exiting the hotel, so the hotel lobby furniture, the overall color of the hotel, and the design of the building should be very prominent. However, the entrance hall is often overlooked. In fact, decorating the lobby of a hotel is not as easy as it seems, and the task is very challenging. The following are some aspects that the hotel Guest Room Furniture supplier reminds you to consider when decorating a hotel lobby.

Because the lobby is usually the waiting area of ​​a hotel, the attractiveness and comfort of this hotel furniture are very important, so you need to choose hotel lobby furniture accordingly. Whether you choose a chair, sofa, sofa chair, or sofa, you must keep comfort in mind when choosing a design. You should also include coffee tables and coffee tables. The whole arrangement can be similar to the structure of a rest area or a living room.

The colors used on the walls of the hall can create or break the space. Since this is the room that welcomes people when they enter the space for the first time, the color palette should include warm and welcoming tones, such as brown. You can choose neutral tones (such as white or ivory) and bold yellows, light blues, or purples. You can also use accessories such as murals or wall clocks to match the color of the hotel lobby furniture.

3. Lighting.
The lighting of the hall should incorporate different types of lamps. A large chandelier can be placed in the center, with some mood lighting on the side. If the setting and decoration allow, you can also include the floor and table lamps, candle holders and candles are also an option. It is very important to correctly illuminate all the different areas that make up the lobby. The lighting can make the hotel lobby furniture look very textured.

4. Construction.
Pay attention to the structure of the space. For example, a hall with a high ceiling can be designed with sculptures to draw attention to the area above, while a space with a low ceiling can impress in other ways, such as an interesting design surrounding the room. If the lobby has pillars, then they can be integrated into the design in a spectacular way, and the lobby can become a beautiful attraction that makes guests want to learn more. For example, you can turn it into a beautiful gallery and display murals and framed artwork. It may even include an interesting sculpture. However, for overall harmony, if you want to display murals, then the hotel lobby furniture is recommended not to use the Chinese style.