Hotel Guest Room Furniture Suppliers introduces the method of acceptance of custom furniture

Customizing hotel furniture is a tedious task. Many processes require hotel operators and hotel furniture custom manufacturers to coordinate. Then Hotel Guest Room Furniture Suppliers will teach you how to check and accept the customized hotel after the hotel furniture is customized. Where's the furniture?


1. If you want to know whether the custom-made furniture is qualified or not, it depends on the fineness of the workmanship. You can distinguish according to the combined parts and check the firmness of the connection points between each part of the furniture.


For the furniture of the overall structure, each connection point must be tight, and there should be no signs of gaps and looseness. When checking the craftsmanship, it is necessary to see if the drawers and cabinet doors are flexible and whether they can be correctly returned.


2. Furniture materials, such as particleboard, fiberboard, glue, paint, etc., will release harmful gases to the human body. The hotel and apartment rooms are relatively closed, and the irritating gas will directly affect the occupancy rate of the rooms. The environmental protection of furniture has become an important factor for modern guests to choose to stay in hotels.

3. Check whether the structure of the custom furniture is reasonable, whether the frame is correct and firm, and gently push it with your hands. If there is shaking or a creaking sound, it means that the structure of the custom hotel furniture is not strong. Also, check the verticality of the furniture and the warped bottom.


4. In hotel and apartment rooms, furniture is often damaged due to water and moisture intrusion. Catering and hotel soft clothing tells you that the dumping of tea, the fullness of the bathroom humidity and the steam of bathing sauna, the contact of bathing wet towels, seasonal climate and humidity changes, etc., will cause the edge of the furniture to be exposed, fall off, and the board surface will deform and swell. Facing cracks, blistering, mildew and other problems, so the purchase of furniture should focus on its waterproof and moisture-proof function.


5. If you want to carefully check the quality of customized hotel furniture, you must first check the appearance. The method is similar to the quality of doors and windows. The main thing is to check whether the paint film on the surface is smooth enough, shiny, whether there are drops, bubbles, etc. Incomplete quality.