How To Maintain Hotel Guest Room Furniture Of Different Materials

Due to the different materials of the furniture of Hotel Guest Room Furniture , the damp performance, treatment, and maintenance methods are different. For example, solid wood furniture, fabric furniture, leather furniture, etc. have different treatment methods.


1. Solid wood furniture: wipe walnut oil to prevent moisture

Maintenance method: If there is no condensation or mildew on the solid wood hotel room furniture, you can put a moisture-proof bag such as a desiccant inside the furniture for moisture absorption treatment. After wiping the exterior with a dry towel, wipe a layer of walnut oil to prevent moisture.

Moisture treatment: After the solid wood hotel room furniture is damp, if the situation is not serious, it should be ventilated and dried in the shade; if condensation or mildew occurs, use absorbent paper to paste on the surface of the room furniture to prevent moisture, use a mild detergent to remove the mildew before proceeding Dehumidification. Install waterproof cushions under the furniture legs of hotel rooms that are easy to absorb water, and leave a good ventilation distance near the outer wall and the wall of the bathroom.


2. Panel furniture: place moisture-proof mat

If the edge banding of the panel hotel room furniture is not handled properly, it is easy to expand and deform. The panel furniture must be treated with edge banding to prevent moisture.

Maintenance method: Pay attention to keeping the joints of the hotel room furniture clean to prevent dust and impurities from absorbing moisture and swelling, causing cracking. Seal the joints and other parts that are easy to absorb water.

Moisture treatment: Residents on low floors should place moisture-proof mats under the hotel room furniture. After damp, put the moisture-proof bag in time to absorb moisture.


3. Leather furniture: apply leather maintenance oil

Maintenance method: Before the wet weather arrives, you should use a soft damp cloth to remove dust, and then rub a layer of special protective oil for leather furniture such as mink oil, lanolin oil, and leather oil on the surface, which can not only prevent moisture but also protect the leather The color of the furniture.

Moisture treatment: If mildew appears on the surface of leather furniture, it is necessary to remove the mildew with a mildew remover, and then apply leather maintenance oil.


4. Fabric furniture: skillfully use hairdryers and vacuum cleaners

Maintenance method: The cloth is easy to adhere to dust, so you should do a good job of dust removal at ordinary times to avoid mildew in humid weather.

Moisture treatment: If the fabric sofa is damp, you can use a sofa towel with strong water absorption. The art sofa should use a special vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust on its surface. It is best to use a sofa towel with good water absorption performance and wash it frequently.