Luxury Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces The Advantages Of Solid Wood Furniture

Luxury Hotel Furniture manufacturer introduces the advantages of solid wood furniture:

1.Natural, environmentally friendly, and healthy solid wood furniture reveals the beauty of nature and primitiveness. Environmentally friendly decorated solid wood furniture is the protagonist of the market. In the process of processing solid wood furniture, compared with wood-based furniture, the amount of glue used is quite small. The amount of glue used affects the environmental protection of furniture.


2.Long service life. The service life of panel furniture is generally 3-5 years. The service life of solid wood furniture is more than 5 times that of panel furniture.


3.Solid wood furniture has the function of maintaining value. At the same time, it can bring warm and moist "wood gas" to the home environment, so it is quite popular among middle and high-end consumers. Its advantage is to reflect nature: natural texture, changeable shape, beautiful wood patterns can generally be seen on the surface of furniture.


4.Solid wood furniture has its own unique style and personality. The raw materials of solid wood furniture come from nature and integrate the essence of nature. It truly shows the unique taste of solid wood furniture: high-end and heavy, combining the long-standing Chinese traditional culture with modern fashion factors and integrating it into the furniture. In the design, it gives new connotations to the furniture, makes the furniture design more humane, practical, and modern, creates a new fashion of solid wood furniture, and leads the new trend of furniture.