Luxury Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces The Difference Between Office Furniture And Hotel Furniture

Today's public places need a lot of furniture. The common ones are the office area and hotel area, so today the Luxury Hotel Furniture manufacturer introduced the difference between office furniture and hotel furniture.

First of all, in nature, hotel furniture should be made of harder materials, and paint and wood with higher scratch resistance are better. Because of the different levels of customers, the degree of care for furniture is also different. Relatively speaking, hotel furniture is more likely to be damaged than office furniture.

Secondly, in the use environment, because we all know that the hotel is generally in the state of turning on the air conditioner, there is a difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature, so the selected material of the hotel furniture must be dry if it is more water content, It is easy to break due to the dry air, and office furniture is relatively less concerned

The last is the way of use. We are more comfortable and relaxed in the hotel, so that some furniture may be used by guests in inappropriate places, such as stepping on a stool, smoking in the room, and entertainment. Therefore, when choosing a stool or table, solid wood and fabric chairs are the last choices. The fabrics should be easier to wash, and it is best to be flame-proof. The desktop or coffee table can be glass. And these contents, office furniture may not be so clear to choose from.

In terms of design concepts, the two are also very different. The hotel furniture has an elegant and dark style. The warm yellow light can set off the retro design of the solid wood furniture, which is generous, and the hotel room is a resting place, with warm colors. It is better, so the best thing is that European or American furniture will set off more. An office is a working place. The light should be sufficient, which is good for the eyes. The overall color tone is bright, white, or bright. Therefore, office furniture can be simple and fresh. New Chinese furniture or Chinese solid wood furniture is good.

In terms of maintenance, the hotel furniture is more important, because the area is large and the guests' level of care is not so good, it is difficult to handle it. So don't rush to wax, and wipe it with a dry cloth instead of moistening detergent. However, office furniture can be waxed at intervals, and the overall cleaning is not as troublesome as hotel furniture.