Luxury Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces The Installation Precautions Of The Hotel Cloakroom

Luxury Hotel Furniture Manufacturer introduces the installation precautions of the hotel cloakroom.

1.Pay attention to the use of sophisticated hardware. This hardware in the hotel cloakroom is an important part of ensuring quality. If only the price is temporarily cheap, it will cause trouble for future maintenance. For example, whether the drawer slide rail is made by a regular manufacturer, whether the material used for the clothes rail is strong, and the design of the trouser rack, tie drawer, and pull-out laminate are all details that cannot be ignored. In addition, the design of a seat or telescopic rod in the cloakroom, which can sit and hang when changing clothes, is a manifestation of humanized design.


2.The coordination of structure design and door When designing a combined wardrobe, special attention should be paid to the coordination of the cabinet structure and the door.


3.Keep the size of the cabinets installed. The size of the cabinets in the hotel cloakroom should be at least 5 cm away from the surrounding walls to facilitate on-site installation. The so-called tight fit is actually a misunderstanding.


4.For the price of the cabinet, first, ask about the manufacturer’s calculation method, and secondly ask about the items included in the cost, such as whether the cost of the drawer is included (usually the expansion area algorithm does not include the cost of the drawer, and the projection area algorithm can include May not include), whether to include the cost of the backplane, etc.


5.With regard to the size of the space occupied, there are usually two types of hotel cloakroom formations: one is divided by the building itself, and the other is divided by re-segmenting space by itself or the designer. In fact, the latter is spatially combined. It doesn't need to be big, just enough. It is best not to take up space for some clothes that are hardly worn in ordinary times. Please take them out after tidying up. This is the most optimized embodiment of the activity space.


6.Depending on the quality of the cabinet, the most important thing is the edge banding of the kanban board. The machine edge banding is generally uniform, while the hand-type edge banding will have some roughness. Large furniture factories generally use machine edge banding.