Luxury Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces The Misunderstanding Of Model Room Design

Luxury Hotel Furniture Manufacturer introduces the misunderstanding of model room design:


1. Excessive emphasis on appearance effects:
When people stop in front of the dazzling model house and are appreciated by the fashionable and novel model house design, the practicality and functionality are often overlooked. At present, some model houses really pay too much attention to appearance effects, fail to see the phenomenon of use, and only pursue visual effects, ignoring the optimization and enhancement of room functions. Many designs lack the practicality of family life, often resulting in unreasonable and functional designs. . For example, in order to make up for the narrow shortcomings of empty rooms, some model houses can reduce the size of the furniture at will, which seems to enlarge the feeling of empty rooms, but it is very inconvenient to use in practice. In addition, in the model room, the stair treads are designed as a transparent glass material, which looks bright, but you can’t rest assured and feel insecure.


2. The style theme deviates from real life.
Nowadays, the style of many model houses is bold and weird. In terms of atmosphere, they imitate the interior design of public vacant rooms. They are too glamorous and deliberately create a luxurious aristocratic atmosphere. The design is publicized and the style is unstable, and the model houses made are like hotels And entertainment places, lack the warmth and comfort of the family, the design of privacy only produces a strong visual impact, can not narrow the distance with the customer, contrary to the original intention of the model house design.


3. There is a safety hazard.
The design of the model house should pay attention to the choice of decoration materials, but now some model house designs also have big problems in the choice of materials, as well as safety problems. For example, some kitchens and sanitary rooms are paved with bright mirrored floor tiles, which are indeed bright in appearance, but they are easy to slip when they get wet. Special functional spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms should be treated with anti-skid treatment. If safety factors are not considered, it is easy to harm family health. In addition, the model room is too fashionable, and the bathtub is designed behind the bed of the master bedroom. From the appearance, it saves vacancies and is fashionable and beautiful. However, the bathtub and the bed have no distinction between wet and dry. It is easy to wet the bed and floor when used, and the wet bed is also easy to get sick.