Luxury Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Introduces The Quality Problems That Often Occur In Furniture

Luxury Hotel Furniture manufacturer introduces the quality problems that often occur in furniture:


The quality problems prone to wooden structures are:
1. Wood that is still being eroded by insects;
2. The decayed area of ​​wood exceeds 15% of the area of ​​the parts;
3. The decay depth exceeds 25% of the thickness of the wood;
4. The natural twill degree of the wood used in the stressed parts exceeds 20%;
5. Wood with cracks and knots;
6. Wood with bark. The wooden parts inside the sofa are prone to cracks, mildew, and insects.

The pipe wall thickness of metal parts shall not be less than 1.2mm. There are other metal parts that need to meet the wall thickness requirements, otherwise, the metal parts will be damaged and deformed due to uneven force during use.

When the spring is used, the coverage of the spring should reach 55% or more. The calculation method of the spring coverage is: multiply the cross-sectional area of ​​the spring by the number of springs to calculate the area occupied by the spring and then divide by The area of ​​the spring piece, thereby calculating the spring coverage.