Luxury Hotel Furniture Manufacturers Introduces Furniture Purchase Requirements

Luxury Hotel Furniture Manufacturers introduces the purchase requirements of furniture:

1. Too much emphasis on low prices
Price, value, and cost are generally closely linked. Furniture with a price that is too low generally has low cost and poor quality. The quality of the product cannot be guaranteed, and the use cycle will be shortened. Later, it may cause some quality problems.


2. Buy big brands
When buying furniture, you don’t have to buy a very large brand. If the demand is large, the cost will be a lot. We have to decide according to our own situation. The brand is expensive but not necessarily good. It is suitable for our talents. It's good.


3. Too much emphasis on corporate planning
Planning can only show that the production capacity is strong, but not that the quality is good and the planning ability is strong. In a sense, planning is opposed to individualization and civilization value. What customers want to buy is quality and service (including planning), and has nothing to do with business planning.


4. Buy fast-delivered products and buy spot
Many customers do not take into account the production cycle of the product and wait until it is too late to buy when they want to use it, so they will go back and buy products with fast delivery. These products are generally low-end products and the quality cannot be guaranteed. Unable to satisfy the needs of high-level customers.


5. Buy products from the Furniture City
Many customers regard buying office furniture as a small matter and don't mind. They think that there are more styles in the furniture store, and then go to the furniture store and buy them when they see what is suitable. As everyone knows, the furniture city has many styles, but few good ones.