What Are The Precautions For Custom Hotel Furniture

Now more and more hotels like to customize hotel furniture, so how to properly Custom Hotel Furniture ?


1. Custom furniture size problem.

The first is the size of custom furniture. Since it is custom-made furniture, its most distinctive advantages are naturally reflected in the customization. The necessary furniture is designed and made completely according to the specific situation of the house. Of course, the size of the furniture is most suitable for the space layout and decoration effect of the house. In order to avoid the deviation of the customized furniture product from the predetermined position, determine the location where the furniture needs to be placed before customizing the wardrobe, correctly measure the area and height of the location, ensure the necessary furniture size, and ensure the error within the allowable range. Then, the specific data of the measurement is given to the customized furniture to ensure that the size of the customized furniture meets the needs.


2. Functional issues of customized furniture.

After mastering the specific dimensions required for custom-made furniture, we need to determine what the specific function of the required furniture is and what it is mainly used for. The functionality of custom-made furniture can be adjusted according to the needs of individuals and families. Therefore, before customizing furniture, you must decide the daily habits of using furniture and the quality of furniture you like for yourself and your family.


3. The style and color of customized furniture.

After determining the size and function of the custom furniture you need, you need to make requirements for its appearance, which is specifically reflected in the classification of custom furniture styles and color selection. Usually, people make a set of customization when choosing customized furniture. The basic large furniture of the family is customized with the same specifications, so the unity of style is particularly important. In addition, when customizing a piece of furniture individually, you must pay attention to its style and color combination of the furniture. Try to choose a style that is consistent with the entire house space, and ensure that the color of the custom furniture is roughly the same or close to the main color of the space, so as to avoid the difference between the custom furniture and other furniture. In addition, the materials of custom-made furniture should be similar to other furniture as much as possible or have similar textures, etc., to maintain the overall coordination of the space and create a more beautiful furniture effect.